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Transform the way you
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Launch modern, branded webpages with connected forms and communicate with your entire network of leads and customers, across one or more brands, all from one place.

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flexx is a digital HQ designed for people in fitness and wellness to collaborate, build helpful brands and grow healthy communities.

flexx focuses on making the simple tasks and communication that fill our most productive days as seamless and natural as possible.

1. Zero to One

Launch new brands and ideas quickly to get feedback and legitimize your brand.

2. Ease of Use

Your time is valuable and you need tools that work without needing a new education.

3. Connection

True connections with your prospects and customers will stand out in a world of automations and bots.

Make your work style
match your lifestyle

Most products feel like they get in the way of normal routines and interactions, creating a bunch of unnecessary “newness” around things we already know how to do from our personal experience.

We want you to enjoy the work you do online.

How can flexx help your brand?

Here are some examples of how brands are using flexx to grow their businesses.

Stu Brauer, Owner WTF Gym Talk

Surprise prospects with responsiveness

"When a prospect fills out a form on the website, I get a notification in flexx and I'm able to immediately shoot them a message while they're still on the site. Their first response is always 'Damn, that was quick' and then ' the way, this is a great looking site.' Those two things put me in a great position to help the client and leave a great first impression."

— Stu Brauer, Owner WTF Gym Talk
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Mitch Roehl, Owner The Loop Fitness

So easy that we actually use it

"Flexx is the one thing I cannot do without. The first thing I do every morning now is open it and am able to get right to work. My entire team uses it with ease. I've never been more sure about the importance of flexx and the team behind the magic that flexx provides for my business."

— Mitch Roehl, Owner The Loop Fitness
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Steve Edmunds - Charlotte Athletic Club

Your team, on the same page

"With over 2,400 members, our teams are always reaching out to prospects and customers. It is so important to be able to communicate to staff, prospective clients and current members with ease at anytime. We constantly assign tasks to team members as contacts come through and I know no one will slip through the cracks. Also, being able to keep notes on leads and members to add personal touches helps everyone stay in the loop of what's going on in that person's life and give us an advantage against our competitors."

— Steve Edmunds, General Manager Charlotte Athletic Club
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Sean B., Co-founder Polar Gold

Manage multiple brands and quick feedback

"We use flexx multiple ways. We work with companies in white labelling CBD products. I can quickly stand up a brand concept on flexx and get feedback. We can create new brand accounts for clients to get started with a basic site and have them get feedback. "

— Sean B., Co-founder Polar Gold
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flexx is your toolkit

Existing brands, flexx can help

No need to overhaul your existing brand or website to get started. Link flexx capture and landing pages from your current website.

  • No code required
  • Beautiful capture forms
  • Instant notifications
  • Two-way email and text*
  • Custom Brand Inbox
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"We added a link to the flexx contact page to our website and now leads come in to a fancy inbox. Replying as soon as a lead comes through has resulted in more signups to our gym."
— Ty Jones - CrossFit Initiative

Ready to launch?

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  • Brand contact page
  • Custom email address
  • Organized task management